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Most Effective Suspension Trainer Exercises | YIX Training

10 of the most effective suspension Trainer exercises

Ditch the dumbbells and forget about weight training machines, try something new to your fitness routine. Not many individuals are aware of SUSPENSION TRAINER techniques but it can help you in all means. The best thing about this particular training is that it gives tough challenge using two main resources, own bodyweight and gravity.  Here are some of the effective exercises to try:

Suspension trainer Chest Press


The main targets are chest and arms, ideal for beginners. With this typical chest press forget lying down. Keep your feet shoulder apart and face away from the anchor. Grab the handles with overhand grip and try extending arms in front at a shoulder height. Try to lean forward so that body remains diagonal. Bend lower chest and elbows between hands. This exercise engages both arms and chest as you back yourself.

Suspension trainer  Inverted Row


This exercise targets lats and biceps, ideal for beginners. The secret to fitter physique is row, row and row. Lie directly below the straps, bending your knees and feet on floor. Reach out to grasp handles, make sure both palms are facing each other and arms are fully extended while you lift your body off the floor few inches. Bend elbows and try to pull torso up till body forms straight line from knees to shoulders. Lower down and get to the original position. This exercise can also be performed with heels grounded to floor, straight legs and body positioned diagonally.

Suspension trainer Triceps Extension


Meant for triceps, this exercise is ideal for beginners. Work hard on your triceps with this challenging and simple move. Set up yourself similar to push-up. Grab handles with overhand grip, shift weight to your feet as arms are extended in front at eye level. Now try to bend elbows till hands are behind head. This movement is small but is effective enough to fire up triceps with every rep.

Suspension trainer Atomic Push-Up


This exercise is ideal for your arms, shoulders, chest and abs, suitable for experienced bodybuilders. This exercise might look like a frog in motion, but it will help you feel the burn in core and upper body as you try bringing your knees close to elbows. Slip your feet in such a manner that the tops face the floor. Keep your lower body similar to a push-up position. While pressing your body to the plank position, try bringing your knees towards elbow allowing both legs draw apart. Keep this position for few seconds and then get back to start.

Suspension trainer  Biceps Curl


This exercise mainly targets arms and abs; both experienced and beginners can try this. Grab one handle in each hand while facing towards the straps anchor point. Extend arms and lean backwards. Bend elbows to activate biceps till hands frame your temples, slowly try to pull body upwards. Get back to the original position and start again.

Suspension trainer  T Deltoid Fly


This is an effective suspension training specifically for shoulders and back. This fitness helps in strengthening sculpts of shoulder and upper back to perfection. Facing the anchor stagger your position, keep the right foot few inches in front of the left foot and grab one strap in both hands. Now lean backwards in such a manner that weight is completely on the left foot and the straps are stretched.  Pull against the strap and shift your weight on the right foot while opening arms into T position. Get back to start.

Suspension trainer  Lunge


Lunge targets your abs and legs, ideal for beginners. This is one particular exercise which works wonders for lower portion of the body and also helps in improving stability as well as balance. Start the exercise by facing away from anchor point, plant your right foot properly on the ground and left in both straps. Lower down by extending the left leg behind but make sure knee is steady. Return to the start position and do the same thing on other leg.

Suspension trainer  Squat


Squat targets glutes, quads, abs and hamstrings, ideal for beginners. Regular squats help in building stronger and flexible lower body. Add this to your daily exercise and improve your stability and support. Start the exercise by holding both handles at your waist level, bent elbows by sides. Lower down into squat and extend both the arms at your eye level. Get back to the start position and repeat. Make sure you follow this exercise regularly, something that helps in improving your form and gives more stability to body.

Suspension trainer  Single-Leg Squat


This exercise mainly targets your arms, legs, butt and abs, ideal for both intermediate and advanced bodybuilders. This particular exercise helps in stabilizing all-important departments of the body.  Start this exercise by holding both handles at waist level and bent elbows by the sides. Try to lift the left leg in front in such a manner that it is parallel to the floor. Lower down on the right leg into a squat by extending both the arms at your eye level. Get back to your original position and repeat few more times. Soon after doing the exercise you will feel that lower body is working while going down and pushing yourself back up.

Suspension trainer  Crunch and Curl


This exercise is mainly for abs and biceps, ideal for beginners. Strengthen your biceps with this powerful and effective crunch and curl exercise. Sit down while facing the STRAPS anchor. Make sure you grip the handle properly with underhand grip and lie down on your bent knees and feet flat on to the floor. Keep your both arms extended in the air in front of you. Keep core tight try to lift your back and shoulders off the floor, at the same time bend both hands towards your shoulder. Get back to the start position and try doing it number of times.




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