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3 Biggest Mistakes Of Fitness Nutrition For HIIT | YIX Training

3 Biggest Mistakes Of Fitness Nutrition For HIIT

While busy getting your fitness in order you might be doing some mistakes that not even you may be aware doing it. You evaluate your results and find that nothing seems not to be changing and constantly wondering what is it you aren’t doing right or wrong. Yet, you know very well that as per the HIIT program, you’re absolutely following what it instructs. But is the fitness nutrition for HIIT you’re undertaking guiding you properly, or are you skipping some instructions maybe because you feel it sounds right or make better sense than what the program says? Well, let’s go through some of the mistakes you could be doing.

Calorie Cutting

What is the first thing you do when you want to lose weight? Definitely cut down on your calories intake. Basically, that is the first step in fitness but many people fail by setting some idealistic goals. Aggressively cutting down calories from your daily diet is not maintainable. When you do so the body goes into shock and doesn’t know exactly how to respond and may assume you’re starving. This leads to your calorie-burning engine to lower. Instead of sudden depreciation target a deficit of 15% to 20%. If for example, your daily intake of calories in order to lose weight is 1500, eat 1200 calories. But make sure not to go down below 1200.

Skipping Meals

You expect to skip breakfast and lunch and expect good results from your HIIT workouts. You encourage yourself that once you get home you will compensate the day and have a heavy meal. That there my friend is a road to destination fitness catastrophe. Always plan to eat three meals per day and two snacks. Start up your day with a balanced diet breakfast to kick off your day on a high note. Doing so will increase your metabolism throughout the day and keep off cravings. Add carbs to your pre and post workouts for energy and proteins after workouts to recuperate your muscles.

Careless Eating On Cheat Days

During cheat days you’re allowed to satisfy your cravings. People tend to go overboard by eating too much of whatever they get hold of. Just because it’s a cheat day does not mandate you not to be mindful of calories as this can set you back miles behind after so much progress and make you feel bloated afterward. Instead, for each week, have a cheat meal to suppress.

No matter what mistakes you could be doing in your fitness nutrition for HIIT, just remember that improvements and success happen by making a few mistakes. But the most important thing is identifying some of the mistakes mentioned above, and rectifying them accordingly. We have seen that many people fail when it comes to nutrition part which happens to be the greatest portion that determines your success. Cutting down on calories intake or carbs does not guarantee success rather all your efforts backfire. Get your nutrition in order by having the recommended nutrition and the rest will fall into place.

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