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5 Body Weight Exercises You Should Be Doing | YIX Training

5 Body Weight Exercises You Should Be Doing

Did you know that your feet and hands have sensors that communicate to your brain about your limb alignment and position? As such, body weight exercises that involve both your feet and hands will help boost your overall fitness and athleticism.

Body weight exercises when performed in the right form will help you burn calories and build muscles effectively. We are going to look at five bodyweight exercises that will help elevate your overall fitness and help you achieve your goals faster. You should perform these exercises as a complete circuit, moving from one exercise to the next with a maximum of 45 second intervals. Once you complete one circuit, take a 1-2 minute rest and repeat as many times as possible with 15 minutes.

1. The alligator lunges

Start with a push-up position with your elbows slightly bent and your arms straight. Your hands should be just a little beyond your shoulder width. In a simultaneous motion, move your right hand forward and place your left foot right next to your left hand. Lower your hips and hold. Repeat this motion using your left hand and right foot. Do this exercise for 15 to 20 reps.

2. Crab hip raise

The first move is to sit on the floor and placing your heels on a bench. Raising your hips, support your weight with your hands and push your body up to form a straight line starting from shoulder position all the way down to your feet. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds and slowly lower your hips without touching the floor. This will count as one rep. do 8-15 reps.

3. Touch-your-toe crab move

Take the crab walk position, with the heels of your feet firmly planted right below your knees and the palms of your hands right below your shoulders. Gently lift your hips and raise your left hand and right leg then try touching your toes. Go back to your original starting position and repeat by raising your right hand and left leg and also touch your toes. This will serve as one rep. Now, do 10 reps.

4. Raised bird dog snatch

The first step is to get down on your hands and knees with your knees and hips bent at 90 degrees but only your feet and hands should touch the floor. Raise your left arm and right leg and make sure that they are in line and straight to your body. Go back to your original starting position and do the same with your right arm and left leg.

5. Bear crawl

Your starting position is exactly the same as the raised bird dog snatch. Now, crawl like a bear by moving 5 yards forward, 5 yards to your right, 5 yards backwards and 5 yards to your left. Your movements should complete a whole square. This will make one rep. repeat this movement 10 more times.

Take a 1-2 minute break then take it from the top again. These exercises are very effective at helping you burn fat and strengthening your muscles.

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