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5 Foods That Boost Metabolism And Performance | YIX Training

5 Foods That Boost Metabolism And Performance

Sometimes we go wrong when it comes to food as the choices we make aren’t always the right ones. Foods that increase metabolism and enhance performance will feed your body with proper nutrition to help curb cravings, help the body burn calories efficiently and be able to lose and maintain your weight fruitfully. The fact is that many good workout plans will not work simply because of what is consumed; and not unless we change our lifestyle, reaching our goal is futile. Which foods help boost your metabolism at the same time improving your performance?

  1. Oats


Oats are dietary fiber that aids in reducing levels of cholesterol. It’s a category of complex carbohydrate and has traces of proteins making it a good source of energy. Due to its ability to digest slowly, you will be able to control blood sugar levels. Slow digestion also makes you feel fuller leading to eating less and having an increased metabolism throughout the day. Oats are low in sugar and rich in fiber.

  1. Bananas


Apart from a banana been nutritious and healthy, it contains large amounts of potassium responsible for making sure that your body receives the appropriate energy levels. They’re rich in a number of antioxidants and fiber. Eating a banana before and after a workout is suggested to fuel your energy stores. It also aids in weight loss efforts.

  1. Coffee


Drinking a cup of coffee may be good after all. It’s packed with antioxidants and from a fitness perspective taking a cup plays a role in performance. The reason has been coffee boosts energy required during exercise. However, it should be low dose as a high dose of caffeine leads to addiction causing inability to sleep and anxieties. To assure you, yes it’s an acceptable component of training.

  1. Salmon



Most people will argue that salmon is high in calories, which they are right but low in saturated fats. It’s a good source of omega-3 and proteins. Omega-3 is a fatty acid extremely beneficial to the cardiovascular health, controlling your cholesterol levels hence eluding blood clots in the arteries. Salmon is categorized as good fats.

  1. Pomegranates


Pomegranates are delicious and their benefits are numerous. They have antiviral, antioxidants and good sources of vitamins. Another benefit is that the effect of phytonutrients in them helps in performance recovery. Eating pomegranates when introducing a new exercise could decrease soreness and prevent body weakness.

There are various foods but are not limited to this list that will improve any good workout plans progress by taking it to the next level, if only you eat right. The foods are easily available and make sure to eat fresh fruits and not the ones that have overstayed as they tend to lose their nutritional value. Keep the coffee at 1 cup a day and not getting hitched to it as may end up been harmful than serving intended purpose. Play around with oats recipes to avoid boredom and will be good to go.

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