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5 myths about Muscle gain.. Don’t believe everything you hear | YIX Training

5 myths about Muscle gain.. Don’t believe everything you hear

With time many individuals are seen building muscles, and it is turning out to be a trend. There are hundreds of online portals coming up about body building and there are lots of information available, regarding a faster way of building stronger and larger muscles. There are all possible information available what helps you to eat the right food, follow proper exercises, how long to rest and other important details. It is quite natural that not all information shared or posted are backed by scientific evidence and many of these are proven to be myth or false. Here are some muscle gain myths:

1. You must eat large amount of protein for building healthy muscles

This is one common myth, and many individuals are seen following it. The truth is an adequate amount of protein is sufficient enough for human body and muscle growth, but very few people will agree to this fact. Strength athletes are suggested to eat around 1.7g/kg of protein on a daily basis; it can be easily achieved through healthy diet. Experts believe the excess amount of protein intake may result in fat gain, so make sure you take the appropriate amount of protein for muscle gain.

2. Amino acids and protein supplements are the only options for muscle building

There is no such scientific evidence that protein supplements are more effective than protein for muscle growth. It is always important to look for high-quality protein rich food rather opting for such supplements. There r enough sources of protein available in the market, meat, soy, eggs and milk are considered to be high-quality sources of protein that comes with wide range of amino acids.

3. Need to follow three sets of exercises on regular basis

Doing reps is more useful for protein synthesis in the human body, but it has a lesser effect on muscle building. Experts believe muscle fiber activation is the key to increasing mass of muscles and strength.

4. More the amount of protein taken after a workout, greater will be muscle growth

The truth is that consuming good quality protein after a heavy workout or training sessions can improve muscle growth, but there is no relationship between the amount of muscle gain and the amount of protein taken. Experts believe 20g of protein in regular intervals after workout seems to be quite effective for muscle growth, anything more than that won’t contribute to muscle growth.

5. Carbohydrate is not sufficient enough for muscle growth

There are many cases where individuals believe protein to be the only option or key nutrient for building muscles; carbohydrates are hardly considered for muscle synthesis. But the reality is carbohydrate may not provide necessary building blocks for muscle gain, but it is an essential fuel for body muscles. Sufficient amount of carbohydrate intake can increase strength and provide the necessary energy to workout hard. This is something that can contribute more to your training sessions as well as increased muscle growth. Protein intake before as well as after exercise, carbohydrate before as well as during the training can work wonders for muscle building process.



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