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5 Reasons to Embrace Outdoor Training | YIX Training

5 Reasons to Embrace Outdoor Training

Are you guilty of doing most, if not all, your training in the gym? Well, if you are looking for a great new way of challenging your body to even better results, then, get ready for outdoor training. While there are many practicality benefits of training indoors especially when it’s cold, training outdoors can have immense benefits and we are not just talking about scenic beauty!

Diverse exercise on the outdoors mean you are more likely to train your body in new and varied ways thus getting better and more noticeable results. The additional muscular challenge that’s new to your cells will trigger them to build more strength in your heart, lungs and muscles.

So, put on your trainers, it’s time to hit the great outdoors!

5 benefits of outdoor training

The real deal

Though gym exercise simulations are deemed to be just as good as the real exercise, you will discover that by training outdoors, you engage muscles that you probably didn’t know you had. For example, running outdoors on changing terrain is more physically engaging compared to running on the treadmill, even if you set it on incline.

A totally different workout experience

yix-training-diver-push-upsWhen exercising outside, you will encounter different training conditions and terrains that cannot be simulated in totality by gym equipment. You hit different grounds such as sand, grass, earth and concrete and each of these grounds train your body in a unique way therefore providing you with different results. With each terrain, your muscles will respond differently in order to adjust to the specific gradient of the terrain.

Hello sunshine

Many of us know that we get most of our vitamin D from exposure to the sun, but do you know the real benefits of vitamin D? Well, it makes your bones stronger, boosts your immune function, and also improves your mood. Patients suffering from anxiety and depression are encouraged to spend at least an hour basking in the sun. Sunshine stimulates the release of endorphins in your brain which improve your mood. Kill two birds with one stone by exercising in the morning or evening sun.

Get your Zen

Research on the benefits of outdoor training has shown both psychological and physiological benefits. Being around nature as you exercise will naturally lift your mood and help you relax thus serving as a natural stress remedy. This is especially beneficial in our current lifestyles that are characterized by increasingly busy schedules.

Mental boost

Whether you work out at home or at your local gym, the simple fact is that you are always in the same room around the same type of equipment. Outdoor training on the other hand involves different scenery that can be exciting to our brains. So to start your mental boost, go buy the gear and equipment you need, go to a bags store and get one that is special for running, my advise is a small one with space, water hooked and of course a good material against sun and water.

Your brain needs to see something different and fresh every day for it to function optimally. Suffering from brain fog? Well, give outdoor training a chance and not only will you train your body but your brain as well.

Ready to get started with outdoor training? Hit the internet and look for group outdoor training near your area and get fit with like-minded people.

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