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5 Reasons why you need to warm up before a HIIT workout | YIX Training

5 Reasons why you need to warm up before a HIIT workout

When people are exercising, they tend to skip a very important step which is a warm-up. They feel like they don’t have enough time to indulge in warming up their bodies or don’t seem to know the real importance doing so. A warm-up should be done before beginning with your fitness program to give your body support and stability to prepare your muscles for action. Let’s look at the benefits of warming up your body and the impacts it holds.

Preparing Your Body Mentally

The importance of warm-up is to signal your mind that it’s about to start a strenuous exercise so that it gets ready mentally. By doing so, you prepare your body and improve skill, technique and coordination. It also prepares the mind towards tough intervals and you will be able to endure the process and produce more speed and strength.

Increase Your Heart Rate

Warming up you increases your heart thump, warms the muscles and alters the nervous system. By doing this, you’re guaranteed that when you begin your exercise the body is charged, your heart rate increased and maintained throughout your workouts. Ride a bike or jog on low resistance to get your heart pumping. Make sure it’s not a strenuous activity to cause strain to your heart. Be able to converse well after the workout and you shouldn’t be short of breathe while talking to someone.

Enhanced Performance

Muscle temperature is brought about by having more blood flow releasing oxygen throughout your body. Since there will be more blood flowing, it flows through your muscles, distributing oxygen and giving you better performance during workouts. The increase in temperature contributes to quicker muscle contraction and relaxation. Muscle metabolism and nerve transmission are increased, making the muscles work more efficiently.

Increased Flexibility


Flexibility is the range of motion around a specific joint and usually classified as either static or dynamic. Do dynamic stretching that involves continuously moving in a series of movements. When you warm-up the body you increase the flexibility of your muscles before heavy exercise. Training the muscles prior, it stretches the muscles properly and avoids any pulls in the muscles to be trained.

Prevention Of Injury

Acute muscle rip occur more often when muscles are not warmed or cold. It’s easier to work a loosed muscle than a stiff muscle. Always work your muscles to loosen them up and avoid injuries. Since warming up increases blood flow and flexibility, it prevents any joint pain or muscle pull as there is elasticity in the ligaments and tendons.

The amount of time you need to spend on warm-ups depends entirely on your physical need. Focus on warming during your fitness program for at least 5 minutes or until you feel your body is ready for real hard work. The benefits are huge and will see a lot of change in your workouts like having more balance and your body becoming more flexible if you haven’t been warming up.

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