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5 ways Pilates Can help your body During Pregnancy | YIX Training

5 ways Pilates Can help your body During Pregnancy

Many women across the continent have a preference for pilates as the best exercises to perform during and after delivery. The topmost reason is that pilates is good at core strengthening. Having strong and toned abdominals, pelvic floor and back muscles, then your body will support your pregnancy weight and prepare it for a safer delivery. Pilates are also adaptable as they are altered as your body changes due to baby growing, so the exercise is suitable for every stage of your pregnancy and safeguard the baby so that it’s not harmed by the workouts.

Pre-Natal Pilates Class

If you are a first-time mom or you’ve never done pilates before, check in a pre-natal class to learn how to perform the exercise. Check around your area for available pilates classes and sign membership. It’s important if you can get an instructor that offers one and one training. This allows full attention to your needs. The advantage of pilates is that it involves a lot of movements that promotes flexibility throughout your entire pregnancy.

Fueling Your Body

Since you’re exercising, the body is losing water through sweating and burning more calories. For that reason, make certain that your body is well hydrated and increase your caloric intake. Although pilates exercises are not high impact causing any strain to the body, you still have to pay attention and pace yourself. Signs to watch out to signal it’s time to rest are; leaking fluid, headache, dizziness, nausea or uterine contractions.

Trimester Exercise Alterations

The center of balance always changes as the baby grows. This allows the modification of the exercises at every stage of your trimester. The work of the instructor is to take you through the stages safely. Most women encounter ligaments and muscle strains due to hormonal changes during pregnancy that promotes flexibility in the joints and muscles. Make sure you don’t overstretch. After the first trimester, avoid exercises that make you lie on your back as it limits oxygen to the uterus.

Post-Natal Pilates Tips

Pilates is a great workout to help mothers get in shape quickly after delivery. Since it’s a strengthening workout, it helps the body to contract back easily by tightening things back in place. But remember to take things easily as you just gave birth and haven’t recovered your energy yet.

Pregnancy Pilates Benefits

Pilates exercises are beneficial to the baby as it is beneficial to you. The baby experiences enhanced blood flow due to the exercises apart from feeling the movements and sounds. This effect makes the babies more advanced compared to babies whose mothers aren’t active.

During pregnancy always confirm with your doctor since your body is fragile, so that they can give a green light on the pilates workout plans to be undertaken. Depending on your knowledge on pilates, sign-in to a class since you need to learn some fundamentals of pilates exercises. Once you’re comfortable and can perform on your own, buy DVDs so that you can do them with ease at home. You can also create a dedicated space at home to make your environment more visually appealing during your workouts. You can check out storeselectscanada.ca for decorating tips.


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