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6 popular Weight loss myths | YIX Training

6 popular Weight loss myths

With time individuals are getting concerned about excessive body weight and to shed few pounds early try whole new things. So much is said about weight loss in magazines, online portals, and various other places. At times it becomes tough for any individual to sort out the correct fact and follow it dedicatedly. Here is the truth about common weight loss myths:

  1. Exercise is the only way to losing weight

It is not all true. There are many simplest of things that once followed can help you lose weight successfully. Sticking to regular exercise is not the only option. Being physically active is undoubtedly helpful but apart from that various other things need to be carried out alongside. Make sure you eat less, avoid unhygienic food, take small amount of food after a period, drink lots of water and always be active.

  1. Healthier foods are quite expensive

To ensure weight loss every individual need to take healthier foods. It is a common myth that healthier foods are expensive when compared to unhealthier alternatives. There are numerous options available when it comes to choosing the right food for weight loss purposes. Make sure you eat healthy and nutritious food as it plays a significant role in weight loss.

  1. Carbs will put on weight

When taken in the right amount and as a part of the balanced diet, carbohydrates will not lead to weight gain on their own. It is suggested to eat wholemeal carbohydrates and whole grain such as brown rice, potatoes, and wholemeal bread with skins to increase intake of fiber. This, in turn, helps you in losing weight, don’t take fry starchy foods.

  1. Starving is the best option for weight losing purposes

This is a common myth, and there are many individuals seen following it on a regular basis. But the reality is that starving for a longer period can lead to weight gain. Starving won’t help you lose weight; rather it will increase your cravings for high sugar and high-fat foods.

  1. Some drinks of foods may speed up the rate of metabolism

Metabolism is a continuous process that goes on inside the body and helps in proper functioning of organs such as digestion, repairing of cell and breathing. All of these processes need energy, and the amount of energy required for human body varies from individual to individual based on age, size, genes and gender. There is a myth that there are few drinks and foods which can increase the metabolic rate of a human body to burn more calories. These are false claims and be careful of such products that may contain a high level of sugar and caffeine.

  1. Slimming pills are safe and effective for weight loss

There are hundreds of slimming pills coming up on the market, and these are not at all helpful for weight loss purposes. All these drugs are known to contain ingredients that can be harmful to human body. Stop taking such pills, if you are really concerned seek the help of healthcare professionals for a better weight loss plan.


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