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Advantage of high intensity training | YIX Training

Advantage of high intensity training

It is very easy to convince ourselves that there is extreme work pressure around; hitting the gym regularly is tough. Having ‘more time’ could have helped him or her to work out regularly, a common though among most individuals. It all depends on the fact that how you carefully manage all other tasks and hit the gym regularly. Staying fit and active is utmost necessary, the sooner you realize, the better it is for you.

There is some serious high-intensity training available that can help you stay fit and burn extra calories from the body. The training is all about carrying out intense activities with a short period of complete rest or less strenuous activity. One typical example of high-intensity exercise is sprinting at a speed for around thirty seconds and then for the next one minute you walk around. Experts believe this sequence for ten to fifteen minutes a day is quite efficient and helpful.

Are you still not finding enough time for your work out? Here are some of the benefits of high-intensity training that can help you in all possible ways:

Increased Metabolism

The most important feature of high-intensity training is that it gives a boost to metabolism. During the high-intensity training, human body consumes more oxygen compared to the steady state exercise. This is something that helps in increasing post-exercise metabolism, and it helps in burning calories even after exercise on daily basis.

Burn More Fat

Regular exercise helps in burning carbohydrates as well as fats, but the proportion differs based on the intensity of exercise you carried out. According to a recent study, it was found that shorter high-intensity exercise helps in greater weight loss in comparison to regular workout sessions. So, sweat out more with high-intensity exercises on a regular basis then spending more time on treadmill or jogging.

No Equipment Needed

Another primary benefit of high-intensity exercise is that you can carry out the whole workout sessions without any fancy equipment or weights. The main idea of this exercise session is to make sure maximum body parts are moving. With this, training helps in increasing the heart rate, speed, and power of the human body.

Appetite Suppression

There is a common belief that regular exercising helps you feel hungry but with high-intensity training, there are evidences that it suppresses your diet or appetite. According to a study conducted it was found that regular high-intensity exercise could help in suppressing appetite to a great extent.

Quick Way of Workout

High-intensity training is an efficient and best possible way to workout in a very short span of time. Compared to other exercises high-intensity training lasts for less than ten minutes, and it can help you get enough benefit within that short span of time. High-intensity workout requires an extreme level of intensity, and it can be carried out at anytime and anywhere within few minutes time.

Do you still need a reason to work out regularly? Ten to fifteen minutes a day is more than sufficient.


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