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Benefits of Outdoor Weight Training | YIX Training

Benefits of Outdoor Weight Training

A lot has been said about weight training – the best fat burner remedy, boots heart health, increases muscular bulk and strength, an effective energy booster, builds healthy and strong bones, to mention but a few. But hitting weights at the gym can be a little intimidating especially for rookie trainers when they see the colossal weights being lifted by veteran lifters in the gym. But, this doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel just yet, there’s a more fun and better way of doing weight training – outdoor weight training!

So many fitness enthusiasts are more inclined to performing cardio because they tend to burn off more calories compared to when they train using weights, but what most people don’t know is that with weight training, you continue burning calories long after your training session, what is known as the after burn effect, meaning you continue burning calories even when watching TV on your couch.

Now that we know that weight training is already good, where does outdoor weight training come in?

In a nutshell, with outdoor weight training, you get all the benefits of weight training, say in the gym or in your house plus additional benefits of being outdoors.

1. It’s good for both your mind and body

When training in the gym, there are times it feels like all sets of eyes are on you which can make you feel very self-conscious therein affecting your workout. When strength training surrounded by nature, the scenery and surrounding environment doesn’t care if you are the best lifter or if you are struggling. Weight training in itself is great for confidence but outdoor training is even better.

Additionally, weight training involves a lot of mental game and it’s easy to stay calm and focused when surrounded by nature.

2. Outdoor training is easier to stick to

Developing a strength training habit can be a challenge, but when you find a routine you enjoy, it can make it more enticing to come back to. That surge of energy you get when you exercise outdoors means you are very likely to stick to it. Most people who exercise outdoors will tell you they can never imagine ever going back to the gym, unless it’s winter.

3. Soak all the benefits that come with the sun

Nothing beats that warm and bright morning or evening sunshine. The vitamin D absorbed by your skin boosts our immune and metabolic functions helping us perform better. Though you should take the necessary precautions of protecting ourselves from the sun’s ultra-violet rays by using sunscreen for instance, you will discover that outdoor strength training is a totally new and worthwhile experience.

4. It’s cheaper than paying a gym membership

You’ll realise that not paying your gym membership for three months can save you quite an amount of money. But, first, you will want to invest in a good pair of trainers and sunscreen. It is also possible to hire gym equipment such as dumbbells at a good rate or you could by some for yourself. Either way, you will spend less than you would in gym membership in the long run.

Exercising on a daily basis can be difficult but when your training has the opportunity to boost your health and mood and of course save you money, it becomes a little easier.


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