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Best foods to eat when Performing a workout program | YIX Training

Best foods to eat when Performing a workout program

When it comes to fitness, there are few important things that every individual should know. What are the best foods to eat during workout program? How often should you eat food daily? How to get the most out of workouts? These are all important questions that you should know and follow strict program accordingly. Eating the right food is quite important when it comes to body fitness, more specifically eating the healthy food at the right time is important.

Importance of food before workout

No matter you eat food or don’t eat before exercise, research proves that in both cases human body burns the same amount of fat. However, there can be muscle loss if you work out regularly on an empty stomach. When you are hungry, the body draws protein from muscle instead of drawing it from liver and kidneys. When this happens, the individual start losing muscle mass, with time it can slow metabolism rate and make things tough to lose weight. Moreover, when you are working out on an empty stomach you are not giving enough fuel to your body to power through the intense training session.

Food before workout

So, before you start intense workout session remember to take sufficient amount of protein and complex carbohydrate. Here are the best food items that can help you provide necessary energy during the exercise process:

  • Sufficient amount of brown rice with black beans
  • Banana with butter
  • Sweet potato with lightly salted or steamed broccoli
  • Oatmeal
  • Walnuts and apple
  • Multi-grain crackers with hummus

Importance of food after workout

During exercise or workout human body taps fuel which is stored in muscles as glycogen. After the last rep, muscles are depleted of glycogen stores and are broken down. Drinking or eating a combination of carbohydrate and protein thirty minutes to an hour after a workout can help you refill all energy stores. It also helps in repairing and building muscles that broke down during the workout session. Food after a workout also helps in keeping your metabolism rate fast and strong.

The faster you start refueling the better it is for your body. According to a research, it was found that the ability of human body to refill decreases by almost 50 percent if you wait more for 2 hours after a workout in comparison to eating food straightaway after a workout. Try to add recovery drink to your diet after gyms, or take jelly sandwich or peanut butter.

Food after workout

According to experts, consuming little carbohydrate and protein is best after exercise. Here are some of the best food items that can help in speeding up the recovery process after training session:

  • Salad roasted chickpeas, vinegar, and light olive oil.
  • Protein shake made up of one scoop protein powder, half of banana, hemp seeds, and almond milk.
  • Raw peanut butter with multi-grain bread.
  • Brown rice, salsa, burrito with beans and guacamole.
  • Steamed vegetable or Sautéed with non-GMO tofu.
  • Quinoa bowl with pecans and blackberries.

Follow this diet on a regular basis before and after a workout.



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