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Workout Plans For Women - Best Outdoor Workouts to Get Ripped | YIX Training

Best Outdoor Workouts to Get a dream body

If you think training your body into any limit, you are not thinking wisely. Going to the gym and doing workouts is a very common and also very popular, but if you want to take yourself out of the box, it would somehow change the environment and provides you a lot of enthusiasm. When you are thinking to shed down few extra pounds and getting a fit and shaped body, you can choose some outdoor workouts that could give you the boost to get ripped off. Here are some outdoor workouts mentioned below:


Running could be the most favorable option for you to lose extra mass of your body. You can choose a suitable time for you, either in the morning or evening, and a known track where you start running slowly and then you can bring up your speed according to your body metabolism.


Jogging is a very popular and effective outdoor workout. If you can jog each day at least 30 minutes, you are done. Your body would simultaneously change, cutting the extra fat.

Beach workout

Beach workout is an excellent fat burner. Starting for beach workouts you need to perform a dynamic warm up. Beach workouts include:

  • High knees
  • Butt kicks
  • Backwards running
  • Side shuffle
  • Skipping, etc.

Push-ups, pull-ups and Step ups,

these three workouts could deliver you the best result, exceptionally. You should always remember you need to burn your excess calorie and also muscle strengthening. Calf Hops is another outdoor workout program, which could be a great option for you. Performing this workout, stand near a tree, putting your hands above your head, start jumping, touch the tree to the highest point you can. Make sure you are on your toes and do it for almost 60 seconds.

Bench Hops

Bench Hops workout specifically targets gluts and quads. To perform this exercise you have to sit on the edge of a bench, throw your arms as you go, and jump in the air as extreme you can, and then sit back again. Do this work out for 60 seconds at a stretch.

Bench Climber

Bench Climber is a very well known abs targeting work out. You have to stand a few feet away from a bench, place yours both hands on the seat of that bench. You drive your knees to your chest, as if you are running to climb hills. Perform this exercise for 30 seconds.

Sandbox shuffle

Sandbox shuffle would target your arms, butts and abs. If you get into a playground, try to get in the middle of a sandbox. You must assume a squat position and must stay low, try to shuffle from left to right, keeping the same depth and position, the entire time. Support your arms out perpendicular towards your body for toning and maintaining your arms. You have to go slow to get the intensity and isometric contraction.  

These outdoor workouts would deliver you the best result, along with a healthy diet chart. If you chose to have an awesome body shape, you have to be very dedicated and motivated.





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