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Best tips for getting strong and ripped | YIX Training

Best tips for getting strong and ripped

You must be dreaming of getting strong and ripped, well it is surprisingly a catch for every person, who is health conscience. A strong and ripped body is an eye catcher. You must be thinking that it would be a very difficult task, but not at all. You just have to take some initiatives, motivations, health tips, meditation, and perfect diet chart on your regular lifestyle.

The perfect Diet chart:

  • If you want to be strong and ripped, food is very important.
  • Consuming the right food, would provide you the best effect
  • Consult your personal trainer or a professional dietitian to guide you with the correct food habits
  • Low calorie food would do the best for you.
  • You can balance your food with low carbohydrates, protein, fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink minimum of 8 glass water every day.

Regular Exercises:

  • Get an admission to the gym for the training programs.
  • Consult your fitness expert about High Intensity Interval Training and also about Lifting Weights.
  • Try to keep track of everything. Heart rate, blood pressure, feelings, weight, breathing and temperature.
  • Always try to perform better than your previous training method. Motivate yourself every day.
  • Perform with two kinds of rep ranges. One for getting strength and another one is for time under tension, which specifies a lower weight with frequent reps. 35lbs with 10 reps would be 350lbs, where 6 reps with 50lbs would be 300lbs.
  • Try to perform unilateral moves.
  • Always keep a food journal with you.
  • Give time to your body to change.

Cardiovascular training:

  • Cardio training is very important to make you fit and fine.
  • Cardio training pumps your heart for an excellent body warm up.
  • You can choose cardio training like cycling, jogging, running, brisk walking, and aerobics.
  • Spot jogging is a very good exercise to get you ripped and stronger.

Pile Squats:

  • For this exercise you have to stand with your feet in a V position with shoulder apart
  • You have to lower your bottom on the floor like normal squats.
  • Burst into a jump as you are stretching yourself. Repeat this exercise at least for 30 seconds.

Bicep Curl and Stair Climb:

  • Stair climbing is a very good exercise to get you strong and have a ripped body
  • Bicep curl would make your arms stronger and stair climb would tone your legs
  • While performing the stair climb exercise, hold the dumbbells with your hands.
  • Try to perform the bicep curl along with the stair climbing exercise.

Hip Extension:

  • This is a wonderful exercise to stretch your hips and improves your body muscles along with making strong shoulders, legs, and middle, upper and lower back.


  • This could be an another effective training method to get you stronger and get a ripped body
  • To perform this exercise you don’t need dumbbells. You have to lie on the floor, facing down, keep your elbows on the floor, and elevate yourself with their support. You have to keep your body straight from head to ankles. You try to pull the abdominal muscle inside tightly, stay for a moment.


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