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Bodyweight exercises to get a firm butt | YIX Training

Bodyweight exercises to get a firm butt

Your Glutes survives for beneficial reasons than just looking attractive in those apple bottom jeans. The main muscle group is the major key player in such explosive activities like sprinting and jumping. An exceptionally strong butt can also help reduce low back pain and make every activity of your body like standing, walking, climbing staircase much easier in your regular life. To make a firm butt, introduce yourself to few bodyweight exercises:


Hip Drive

You have to sit on your knees, keep the legs together; your butt should be on your heels. Enlist your glutes to pull up your butt and take it to the kneeling posture. Try to do it slowly lower, keeping your glutes engaged.

Hip Thrust

You have to lie face up with your knees bent and keep your feet hip-width aside. You have to keep your hands on the floor under your shoulders, keeping the fingers facing away from your body. Force your glutes and pull up your butt into a tale top posture. You have to hold for a count of 5 and lower your butt gently on the floor.

Chair Squat Jump

All you need a chair or a bench to perform this exercise. You have to sit on a chair, keeping your back straight, and feet butt-width apart. You have to force your glutes to jump straight, make sure you both feet would come off the ground, and bring down slowly to sit on the bench or chair.

Marching Butt Lift

You have to lie face up with your knees bent, keeping feet on the ground with engaged abs. You have to lift your butt as you have to force your glutes. You have to raise your right foot up a few inches from the floor, keeping your knee bent. You should not try to twist your butt. Now keep your right feet down and start with your left feet. You have to repeat this “March” on the other side, keep focusing on forcing your glutes throughout the exercise.


Rotational Squat:

you have to stand with your feet wider than your butt-width, keeping your arms at your side. You have to step your right foot up in a diagonal position, sending your butt back and you have to bend your right knee. You have to keep your chest up with engaging your abs too.

Step UP

You have to stand in front of a chair or a bench. You have to keep your right foot on the bench, try to step up, engaging your glutes to lift you up. You have to keep your right foot straight to stand tall. Then slowly lower your butt back by bending your right knee. You must repeat this exercise on the other side also.

Bottoms up-Hop

You have to kneel with your right foot forward. You have to force up your right foot by forcing your glutes to make a jump. You must land on your right foot, and gently come back to the kneeling position. Repeat this on the side also.


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