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Choosing the Right Outdoor Fitness Regimen for You | YIX Training

Choosing the Right Outdoor Fitness Regimen for You

Many of us will be forgiven for thinking that training outdoors is simply an alternative for gym classes. Outdoor fitness is not limited to a group of retirees performing aerobics with the guide of a perfectly toned young instructor. In truth, there are many outdoor fitness regimens that you can choose from. If you are into group fitness sessions, you’ll realize that outdoor sessions are a more fun and sociable way to keep fit.

The important thing as you choose which outdoor workout plan is best suited to your fitness goals is to take the ‘work’ out of workout; only then will you be excited to hit the great outdoors day after day.

1. Circuit interval training

yix outdoors

One practical advantage of taking your fitness regimen outdoors is the fact that you have more room to move around as you are not restricted by any four walls. This allows you to perform exercises that you would otherwise have a hard time performing in the gym.

Many of the outdoor fitness activities are based on circuit training and some even involve moving or dragging heavy chains among other things that make a very rewarding and satisfactory workout session. Another great advantage is that it makes it easier to incorporate teamwork activities such as doing group lifts and relays which can be very fun you won’t even think of how difficult it is to train.

2. Dance and aerobics

dance and aerobics yix training

This is a great choice for beginners and people who are into dance, generally. These exercises are effective in working your cardiovascular system thus boosting your heart health. Additionally, they provide a great avenue for losing fat and gaining flexibility which comes in handy in performing more complex exercises and also adding a spring to your step.

Once you are past the beginner level, you can utilize outdoor equipment such as stairs for strength training and also incorporate complex dance routines to get your heart really pumping.

3. Boot camp


Today, outdoor exercises are moving towards the military style boot camp training regimens. Boot camp classes are designed to provide participants with the ultimate workout challenge using exercises that make them army fit. Most boot camp exercises are short but very high impact that use the standard exercises such as jumping jacks, push-ups, lunges and stretches to push your body to the limit. These offer an old school type of training that uses very little, if any, expensive gym equipment.

The aim of these exercises is to give you a full body workout by combining cardiovascular exercises with core and strength training combinations. What makes boot camps challenging is that they have a very short rest period in between exercises so you get to feel the real impact of every exercise you perform.

4. Running, cycling, swimming and surfing

yix training runing

You can always go with any of these cardio workouts that are not only fun but also effective body workouts

Remember, you don’t have to stick to only type of workout. Variety is the spice of life and you can spice up your training regimen by switching between exercises every once in a while.



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