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Do Diets pills really work? | YIX Training

Do Diets pills really work?

With time dieting is turning out to be an obsession and almost every individual these days is health conscious. There are hundreds of weight losing pills or drugs coming up in the market which is believed to burn body fat and it is being used by many for getting fast result. But is it worth a buy? It is turning out to be a multi-billion dollar industry where hundreds of such pills or medicines available in the market. As per recent studies, it was found that almost half of the individual is overweight, eating the right food and working out regularly can keep you in shape. But in a way to get effective result many people are trying diet pills.

How does it work?

Seeing the popularity and demand of weight losing pills, there are many of such drugs available in the market. Some of these drugs are prescription medicines whereas few are sold openly in the name of weight loss. The reality is that some are made of chemicals whereas few are herbal supplements that help in losing weight. Each drug works in different ways. Some are known to increase the metabolism rate; some drugs keep absorbing body fat whereas there are few which suppress the appetite.

Are diet pills the only answer?

There is no doubt the fact that there are hundreds of such diet pills available in the market, but most health professionals say “no” to all these pills or drugs. Most of them believe that the best and the healthiest way of losing weight is through proper eating and regular exercise. There are proven results that healthy diet alongside increased exercise can help in shedding 5 to 10 percent of weight in a couple of months’ time. There are few individuals; this is not enough. Experts believe diet pills fit for you only when:

  • BMI or body mass index is 30 or greater
  • Having both BMI of 27 or more as well as other obesity related conditions
  • Failed to lose one pound weight after proper diet, behavior changes and regular exercise

But these days almost every individual is seen taking diet pills, in the belief that it will help them shed extra calories fast and with very less effort. It is always important to seek the help of experts before taking these diet pills; else there may be severe complications or side effects. In most cases, teenagers, pregnant women, and kids are suggested not to take these diet pills.

Should you consider diet pills?

There are numerous diet pills available in the market these days, but not all are suitable for the human body. Before taking, these pills seek the help of experts. Always bank on FDA approved diet pills that are tested and verified in laboratories. Apart from that, there are other pills which may cause severe health problems in future, better don’t take diet pills randomly. There are some herbal or natural weight losing supplements available that can be a good option in comparison to healthy diet pills. So take this into consideration.


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