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Easy Trick to get 6 packs in 2 month only | YIX Training

Easy Trick to get 6 packs in 2 month only

A healthy body is everyone’s dream. Having a great body with 6 pack abs could be the wonderful outlook for a person. Getting 6 packs in 2 months was quite a hard for me, but I made it come true with my own determination, hard workouts, and a great diet. If you want to make your body same, if you have to follow some definite rules and here are few tricks to help you reach your goal:

The Plan, the First step:

  • At first you have to make a plan about your daily schedule and exercising methods.
  • You cannot jump into any conclusion with a fitness expert’s advice or suggestion, so before you start your workout you require appointing a fitness trainer and also a professional doctor.
  • You have to consider your food plan according to your body weights and also the training methods.
  • You are suggested to cut down your sugar, carbohydrate and high calorie food intake and concentrate on grabbing more fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.
  • Junk food is extremely a big “NO” for you.
  • You have to avoid alcohol, cold drinks, sweet products and dairy too.
  • You have to choose your workout session wisely. You can go for at least two high intensity programs for 20 minutes, each morning and also in the evening. You can do it at home also.

The workouts, the Training:

  • You can choose different kind of training methods, like, Pushups, Prisoner squats, Swiss ball leg curls, Sit-ups, Chin-ups or Pull-ups.
  • You have to push yourself hard to these kinds of high intensity workouts, otherwise all in vain.
  • You can have muscle pain or any other body pain, so for the recovery you might take Acid Rain Amino Acid supplements and also Forza Garcinia C, which is a natural elicit from a South Asian pumpkin shaped fruit.
  • If you are eager to give a perfect look to your body, you have to measure your body fat percentage first. To build a six pack, it is very much essential to calculate your body mass, before you take up any training schedule.
  • There are different ways to determine your body mass at the gym body analyzer composition equipment. You can go through it and focus on the needful steps you are going to take.
  • You have to concentrate on abs-specific training methods, like:
  1. You have to lie down and raise your legs straight, it targets your lower abdomen part.
  2. You have to elevate foot crunches, which targets your upper abs.
  3. Lying twist would target the oblique muscle.
  • HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training could be the best option for you, as it includes all kinds of cardiovascular exercises.
  • You can choose 100m sprints with 100m walks, as it would help you to get the result. You have to repeat this each day.
  • Eat at least 6 meals a day. Try to drink 8 glasses of water. Your food intake would be calorie based without carbohydrates, sugar, fast foods, frozen foods, etc.





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