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What every beginner should know when starting a workout program | YIX Training

What every beginner should know when starting a workout program

You can attain any level of fitness that your mind tells you as long as you’re determined. We all started somewhere into becoming pros so no need to feel intimidated when starting as a beginner in the fitness world. It may look overwhelming at first but going into healthy workout plans as a beginner requires noting down some key points to help exercising in the right way and avoid mistakes done while starting as a beginner.

Loosen Up

No need to worry all the time if you’re doing the exercise correctly. This worry locks your body from realizing its potential. It’s not until when our bodies are pushed to the end that we understand our true potential. During your training try and relax your muscles so that you’re not using so much energy on the wrong muscles instead of focusing on the ones that are been targeted.

Don’t Get Stuck On Treadmill

treadmill workout

A treadmill machine is one of the commonly used equipment for its wide benefits. It can be used to work single or multiple muscles. Unfortunately, new trainees often perform the same exercise, same duration and intensity every time they exercise. As a result, constantly repeating the same exercise over time fools you that you’ve become an expert, yet your muscles have grown used to the workout. Mix up the training by varying the intensity and time duration to introduce variety.

Watch Your Breathing

I bet you never figured it’s an issue. The way you breathe during a workout matters as it improves performance. During the rest phases always inhale deeply while during the work phases exhale powerfully. A forceful exhale can aid in generating more energy which translates to you performing more exercises.

What You Dislike

What you don’t like could be the thing that accomplishes greatest benefits. If trying to avoid pushups since you view them to be very difficult, they could be the answer to strong arms and shoulders. They are the reason you become stronger and add them to your weekly routine so as to get accustomed with them.

Don’t Rely On The Scale

Have you been working and every time you step on that scale, the weight doesn’t seem to go down. You’re still stuck on the same weight you were when you started or you are actually adding more weight? Stop checking your weight on a daily basis and give it a week to see changes. Sometimes the reason you add weight is because you’re gaining some mass in your muscles. It’s a good thing as the muscles are replaced by the fat in your body, hence losing weight and maintaining the acquired weight for a longer period as long as you continue working out.

There are fad workout plans that some people opt for knowingly as they want to get quick results without hard work. They will get quick results for sure for a short period, but how sustainable are the results is the question. Choose healthy workout plans that will last a lifetime if consistently followed.

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