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Get 6 packs with these bodyweight exercises | YIX Training

Get 6 packs with these bodyweight exercises

With time many individuals are taking a huge interest in bodybuilding, and many new activities are coming up in the market. The most common thing seen among present generation is building 6 packs, and there are many ways of building that. Experts believe bodyweight exercise can help you achieve 6 pack abs faster and in more efficient new ways. Many bodyweight exercises are coming up which can help you build 6 pack abs in a most effective new manner. Apart from that, these activities make your body strong and powerful. Here are few bodyweight exercises that you should try:


For beginners, Plank is a great exercise. But many advanced trainees tend to neglect it which is shameful. This is one basic training which lays the strength foundation and helps you to make other movements in best of ways. The main thing about plank is that it consists of gripping top positions for a regular push-up, the difference is that you are on elbows rather than your palms.  As you are in horizontal position when performing a plank, abs will work out harder and keep the body aligned while you are walking or standing. This exercise is perfect for novices, and regular exercise can help in building a healthy body.

Hanging Leg and Knee raise

Alongside keeping the body stable, it is also important for the abdominal muscles to work out considerably so that you can lift legs while performing leg raise and knee raise. The demand on the core is massive; the extra grip work goes a long way.  Start this with bent-knee version and slowly with time try to straighten your legs. Finally, you may bring your toes close to the bar, knees being fully extended. This is a tough goal and is something which is worth working.  At the very early stages staying simply in place can be a good workout of its own.


L-sit is another effective bodyweight exercise that can help in building 6 pack abs with time. It is an intermediate to an advanced level training which is often preferred by gymnasts.  Similar to plank, you need to hold on to a fixed position for some point in time. To start this particular exercise, you need to sit on the ground with both legs extended in front. Place both hands on the floor around the hips. While pushing your hand try to lift both legs off the ground. This is something that can help in building your abs, and regular workout can give fantastic shape to your abs.

Front Lever

Front lever is another advanced move that helps in building abs efficiently. This is one particular bodyweight exercise that is entirely for upper body, especially abs. The main idea of this exercise is to hang from the overhead bar and pull the entire trunk as well as legs in a horizontal position parallel to the ground.  Make sure the movement is smooth and take it easy. It is an advanced goal and make sure you work methodically over a period.









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