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Goodbye to back pain: 3 Magical Exercises For your Back | YIX Training

Goodbye to back pain: 3 Magical Exercises For your Back

Many people complain of having back pains whether young or old. The back is the central point as the backbone is attached to our back which supports parts of our bodies. Back pains mainly are caused by strains or injuries on the nerves. It can be from wrong exercise posture that put a strain on your back leading to back pains, old age or accidents. There are different ways that back pains occur; it can get severe to some people that they require therapy. Use the following great workout plans to prevent or improve your back pains.

Reverse Fly With Dumbbells

  • Stand with your feet at shoulder width apart. Grab a pair of dumbbells and hold in each hand palms facing each other.
  • Lean forward your upper body from the waist.
  • Your eyes and head should focus forward to avoid strain on the neck.
  • Start by bending your elbows and place hands with dumbbells directly under the chest.
  • Moving shoulder only, raise your arms to your sides like taking them to your back until they are parallel to the ground. Your elbows should be slightly bent throughout the exercise.
  • Squeeze the shoulder blades at height of movement and slowly lower the dumbbells to starting position. That is one rep.
  • Move only your shoulders while doing this exercise and keep the rest of your body still.
  • Work 20 reps.

Good Mornings

  • Stand straight with feet at shoulder-width apart or wider and place a bar on your shoulder rear.
  • Pull your shoulders back slightly so as to tighten back muscles and arch your lower back like preparing to do a squat. That is your start position.
  • Bend from the hips by leaning your torso forward until it’s parallel to the ground.
  • Bend your knees slightly and push butt behind. Maintain the bent knees while doing this exercise and don’t straighten the legs during this movement.
  • Work 3 sets of 5 reps.


  • On the ground lie on your stomach with arms and legs spread out straight with toes and palms facing down.
  • Lift your legs and arms from the ground up in the air maintaining a straight posture and core in place. Imagine a superman flying to maintain proper form.
  • Hold for about 5-30 seconds (depending on experience), then lower your legs and arms slowly back to the ground.
  • Work 3 repeats of 3 sets, resting 30 seconds before every set.
  • As a beginner starting with 30 seconds may pose a challenge. Start off with 5 seconds as you work your way up to half a minute.

These great workout plans can help relieve the pain and offer therapeutic care through strengthening the muscles. Having a well-developed back is important as it improves your posture and increases the ability to perform a variety of activities without limit. Always check your posture while exercising to make sure that it’s the right way and check with the doctor before starting any training routine to avoid injuries.

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