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How I Got a Flat Stomach in one month? | YIX Training

How I Got a Flat Stomach in one month?

Flat and well-toned tummy is like a dream for many and there are many individuals around the world known to strive hard to get a flat stomach. There are some simple and efficient ways to stay fit and keep your stomach flat. By adding the right food item in your diet or incorporating small changes, you can keep your abs flat at ease. Stop dieting or working out hard to ensure flat belly, here are some simple tricks that can work wonders for the purpose:

Talk and walk

There are numerous cases when individuals are seen catching up friends over any drinks and foods, why don’t you plan a reunion on the move? This is something unique and is 100% helpful for your body. Try weekly walk and talk session with your friends that can help control your tummy to a great extent.

Try Roll-Up

This is one amazing trick that can work wonders for your flat stomach. Lie straight on a mat and keeping legs straight try to lift your body. Try doing this numerous times a day, one simple and efficient way of keeping your tummy flat.

Try cardio

To burn belly fat the best exercise is aerobics. It has been experimentally proven that aerobic exercises can help your stomach to remain fat. Interestingly aerobic exercise burns around 67% more calories compared to other resistance training or combination of these two.

Clean your house

Not many will agree to this fact, but it works amazingly. Vacuuming is a great and effective way of keeping flat abs. While you clean your room with a vacuum cleaner, actually you are tightening abdominal muscles, suitable for the purpose of flat abs.

Eat more fiber

Alongside workout, it is also important to include lots of fiber rich food items in your daily diet. Add fiber-rich items such as apples, pinto beans, artichoke or broccoli to your diet for getting a flat belly.

Rethink pretzels

There are often cases when individuals are seen taking lots of salty food items, quite harmful. Salt retains fluid, and this effectively contributes to extra water weight and puffy appearance. Make sure you avoid salty food items as much as possible.

Add avocado

Avocado contains monounsaturated fatty acids, and regular intake can halt all blood sugar spikes that are stored around the belly. Make sure you add avocado to your diet on a regular basis to keep away belly fat.

Skip daily soda habit

Do you drink carbonated fluids quite often? This is something quite harmful to belly. If you are serious about flat belly make sure you stop drinking soda regularly, rather stick to regular mineral water for keeping your body hydrated.

Add fresh seafood

There are many omega 3 fatty acids rich seafood that can help in busting belly fat. Take salmon or other fatty fishes on your diet regularly to keep away belly fat.

Sprinkle seeds on salad

Sunflower seeds are known to have tons of B vitamins and MUFAs which play an important role in protecting inflammation. Make sure you add two tablespoons of seeds on top of the salad every time.



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