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How I Got Rid of my Flabby Arms | YIX Training

How I Got Rid of my Flabby Arms

Every individual of this generation is a little more concerned about their flabby arms. People, who are self-conscience and a fitness freak, would not tolerate flabby arms. A perfect body is everyone’s desire. If you are self-conscience with your activity choices and clothing you can hook up to few arm fat reducing exercise that could help you to get rid of.  Here are examples you can try out to see the changes with a better aspect and those are mentioned below:

  • At first, there are no certain exercises to trigger arm fat, but still, you can make it significantly with few muscle building and arm toning exercises.
  • Aerobic exercise would be one of the best options for you to reduce your flabby arms, following a healthy diet.
  • You have to choose 3-4 different exercises, which make you comfortable, and also you can perform them in a correct manner.
  • You can begin with 3-4 sets of exercises with a repetition of 8-12 times. If you want, you can increase the sets and the repetitions of each exercise as you start to build muscle in your also with muscle toning.
  • While taking up the activities, you have to be careful, not to build up too much muscle mass. You should keep focus on muscle toning for a fantastic result
  • Push-up exercise can be very result oriented to get rid of excess fat in your arms. In this kind of training, you have to lay your face down on a solid floor, put your legs together and prop up on your toes. You have to place your arms on the floor, raise yourself up again and make your body go down; you can repeat this exercise according to your stamina.
  • Bench dips are also a very common and useful exercise to get rid of flabby arms. Bench dips help to develop triceps and also useful for pectorals and shoulder muscles.
  • You have to sit on the edge of the chair, keeping your body straight. You have to extend your legs in front of you by placing your feet firmly on the floor. You have to grip the edge of the chair or a bench tightly with your fingers, facing downwards. You have to slide your body off the bench, without moving your legs.
  • You have to lower your body down to the floor, keeping your back straight until your arm builds 90-degree angle.
  • You have to push your body to the previous position; this should be your first repetition. This particular exercise can be repeated according to strength and energy, it depends on the individual how confident he or she is.
  • Bicep curls would be an excellent option for you to drop your excess arm fat. You need a dumbbell in each hand, weighing 5 to 15 pounds each. You have to hang your arms freely both sided, keep tight your feet on the floor, and slowly raise your arm until it touches your chest. You can repeat this exercise, and you would get your result.


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