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How Often Should I Work out/ Lift Weights? | YIX Training

How Often Should I Work out/ Lift Weights?

A perfect body is someone’s dream. To get a perfect and a fit body, you need to look up to some sort of effective exercise, on a regular basis. Working out at the gym or lifting weights can provide you a sound health, dropping extra pounds, brings your body to a perfect shape and size. Fitness experts have their different outlook regarding, how often you should work out and lift weights. Here, let’s discuss a few of their methodical procedure to acknowledge your queries, to the fullest.

  • Workout frequency and lift weight frequencies have differences and a lot of different meanings. First think you need to know how many times you can hit the gym for working out and lift weights in a week.
  • According to the fitness experts minimum 30 minutes of working out could be exceptionally best for your health. You can continue with weight lifts, but as long as it does not affect or stress your muscle.
  • As far as frequency is concerned, many weight lifters are confused. There are many weight lifters who are eager to lift weights too often or not too often.
  • The first thing you have to decide how many times you want to workout per week.
  • You are advised to work out at least 6 times every week, and adding cardio training, weight training and other exercises.
  • There are many people who fix their own timing for weekly exercising, such as 4 times or 6 times.
  • While many individual components arrive into play, to achieve specified regarding the total exercising frequency, weight training can be opposite.
  • Weight training frequency is referred to how many times and how often you are wishing to weight train per week.
  • According to the fitness experts, weight training should be performed 3-4 times, per week, and not exceed more than 2 straight days in a row.
  • Weight lifts and workouts depend on individual persons to perform back to back, but to reach the goal and also to achieve the desired goal, 3-2 times per week would be the best options for you.
  • The growth of muscle tissue takes place throughout recovery or rest. Depending on every person, 24-48 hours would be the best time span for recovery. This is when your body starts repairing the micro-tears into your stressed muscles.
  • For the beginners, to utilize the light weight to get the proper form and balance is important, but after a few weeks, when you want to challenge yourself, such as the last repetition of a set becomes more difficult, thus you would come to know that you are exercising your muscle to exhaustion. You have to keep your Target Heart Rate between 50 to 60% of MHR or Maximum Heart Rate.
  • Working out and lift weight should be well maintained and balanced in the proper equilibrium. When you are ready to get into the fitness lessons, you should know the time span of your training, depending 3-4 times or more.

Take into consideration all these points and accordingly decide how often you should work out.



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