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If I Lift Weights, Will I Get Bigger Muscles? | YIX Training

If I Lift Weights, Will I Get Bigger Muscles?

Today’s world and the generation, especially young people, will keen to have a perfect body. When you become more conscience to have a healthy body, you have to choose some exercising options, such as, going to the gym, walking, cycling, sprinting, swimming, etc. Maximum people choose to get into the gym either for losing weight, gaining weight or building muscles. Exercising with weights is a very important part of the workout; still you must have some queries or doubts, whether you get big muscles, if you lift weights?

Here we can discuss few things related to this query according to the fitness experts.

Lifting Weights and getting bigger muscles confusion:

  • Especially for the women, this particular question is very popular. According to the fitness experts, your muscle would demand more energy because they are anabolic.
  • When you intend to build more muscles, you would certainly lose more calories.
  • Resistance exercising is must for you all, not only to build a good physic, but also it helps in reducing the risks of any heart diseases, diabetes and others.
  • If you are a woman, you have less testosterone hormone than men, and that would cause you to respond in a different way towards the same training method.
  • There is another key process for a woman, not to gain more muscles because, men can consume more calories than women, and so women will not have the same response than men. Developing muscle would be difficult for you, if you perform it naturally without functioning enhancing substances.

The perfect Program for you:

  • If you put on with 5-10 pound of muscle in one year, it would be justified as a very slow procedure for gaining muscle.
  • In fact, contempt the larger belief that muscle only develops after lifting heavy weights, but you can also build up muscles with lighter weights and frequent reps, as the experts say.
  • If you are a woman, the maximum time you are not going to generate as much force like men, while performing the resistance training procedure, so you don’t have the chances to get bigger muscle.
  • If you try to improve your functional strength, you would definitely feel better and relaxed. It would help you to become more dynamic in moving, including a good program method on a regular basis.
  • Gaining muscles demands a huge quantity of consuming kilojoules. If you are exercising and eat a leaner silhouette, probably you would like to consume more kilojoules to gain your muscle mass.
  • Building substantial muscle mass demands pushing yourself past to your comfort zone.
  • According to your testosterone levels, muscle mass normally declines with age. Fitness experts say that, as you grow age, you muscle fiber starts shrinking, thus 10 percent of your muscle mass would automatically decrease, which usually replaced by body fat.
  • You would never turn into a hulk or build bigger muscles, if you follow the training program thoroughly, maintain a healthy diet schedule and train with the actual weights.
  • There are many fruitful ways, which could help you to build a superb physic, according to your necessity and desires.


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