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Men vs. Women Weight Loss Program Facts | YIX Training

Men vs. Women Weight Loss Program Facts

I bet if today you start off a woman and a man on the same weight loss program you will find out that the man lost more weight than the woman. Does this then mean that the two genders need to go on a different program that gives same results? Well, the answer is no. The myth of men losing weight faster compared to a woman is just a myth and has no substantial facts to it. It zeros down to the fact that we both have different physiological factors that make us respond differently to the programs available.

Let’s look at what is the truth with the 4 main outlined facts.

Lean Muscle

Men have more lean muscles mass thanks to the high levels of testosterone hormone they have compared to women. Muscle burns more calories than fat which works in their favor to keep the balance between muscle and fat, reason men lose more weight. Ever wondered how men can eat more than women and not gain weight much? This is so because men have 5-10 % metabolism rate, therefore, giving them a forefront in the battle of weight loss. But again with resistance training, women can’t build muscles, as a result reducing fat.


Fat Distribution

Women are believed to have higher body fat percentage usually an average of 6-11%, the reason they maintain more body fat compared to men. This doesn’t mean that women are unhealthy, only that they have larger fat stores; that is part of their physiology.  But men and women have different fat distribution as men tend to gain weight in the middle section. Women, on the other hand, store fat in their bottom, hips, thighs and lower abdomen.

Interesting how women beat themselves to losing fat that isn’t quite harmless as such. Fat stored in the upper abdomen is dangerous as can contribute to dementia and heart diseases. However, women lose abdominal weight faster than men.

Different Cravings

During stress, women are likely to find solace in food; unlike men who are likely to seek alcohol. Women crave for carbohydrates compared to men who tend to crave for proteins. Reason men will pick meat, unlike women who most likely will reach for potato chips. This will actually make you realize that carbohydrate convert to fat more easily than protein.

Hunger Hormone

The hormone that signals the body it’s hungry or full differs from men and women. Leptin hormone that tells the body it’s full drops mostly after exercise; whereas, ghrelin hormone that tells the body it’s hungry rises leading to more weight gain in women than men.

At the end of the day no matter which weight loss program you go for, anyone can lose weight regardless of which gender you are. It’s all about commitment and hard work to dropping those extra pounds. We can close by saying that at the time women may seem as though losing to men in weight loss, but the good news is that after a while with constant strength training can even the score.



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