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Running Tips That Will Come In Handy | YIX Training

Running Tips That Will Come In Handy

Running is an age old fitness technique that is very effective in burning fat and keeping healthy and fit in general. Additionally, running in the great outdoors is nature’s therapeutic gift to you especially when running through a beautiful scenery that’s dominated by wild growth. However, one common mistake made by most people is thinking that running is as simple as getting into their running shoes and hitting the trail. It’s important to learn a few running tricks that will help you get the most out of your exercise.

1. Mental game

Having the right frame of mind is very important when it comes to running. You need to affirm to yourself that you are an athlete in your own right. The moment you see yourself as an athlete, you are going to get the motivation to run like one and you’ll start running in readiness to win a ‘trophy’- in our case the trophy being burning fat and leading a healthier life.

2. Run by the minute

yix training runing

One common mistake for beginners is rating themselves using the distance covered. In truth, it doesn’t really matter if you manage to run, say 8 miles, what’s really important is the time it took you to cover these 8 miles. Start running by the minute instead of by the mile. This way, you will challenge your body to cover greater ground within the shortest time possible therefore burning more calories.

3. Get the right fit of running shoes

Running shoes are perhaps the most important purchase you are going to make for your running fitness routine. Getting the right shoe size is paramount to your running success. What does this mean? Your shoes play an important role in determining your running posture and also for how long you can run. Tightly fitting shoes will make every step painful and can hurt your back due to running in the wrong posture. Get a size bigger to give your feet enough room to expand when they start getting hot and blood gets pumped their way.

4. Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate more

Taking adequate amounts of water is a must whether you are running in the hottest or coldest seasons. This stems from the fact that all your body’s physiological function optimally. Furthermore, your joints, ligaments and tendons need constant lubrication. Your blood and all your major organs rely on water and with added activity, you need to take in more water than you were taking before to allow for sweating. If you were previously taking 8 glasses of water in a day, go for 10-14 glasses. If you were however not taking that much water, start with 8 glasses a day then increase the number gradually.

5. Enjoy yourself

Having fun when running is the secret to sticking to it and enjoying all the fitness and health benefits. Whether you are a morning or evening runner, you should always have a reason to keep you excited about your next run, otherwise you will start making excuses such as, ‘it’s too cold’ or ‘am feeling achy and sore today so I will run tomorrow instead’ and before you know it, it will be a whole, week, month or year since your last run.

As with any other form of exercise, take it slow and one step at a time.

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