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Steps by steps guide to build a nice butt | YIX Training

Steps by steps guide to build a nice butt

Many individuals seem to be quite obsessed about their butt and keep looking for different ways to create attractive butt. Are you one amongst many looking for sexy butt so that you can rock with this new pair of jeans? Many glute training exercises or techniques are coming up that can help you get a perfectly shaped butt in few days’ time. Here are some simple and best possible ways to make butts look fullers, stronger and rounder.


There are quite a few bum friendly exercises available or coming up off late in the market, but Squat is one that should be added on a regular basis to your workout schedule. A squat is a perfect exercise for butt building and at the same time it is a great movement for flexibility, athleticism and helps your cardiovascular system. A squat is a perfect way of starting the workout session and make sure you concentrate on using right muscles all the through the workout process. Squeeze the muscles to make them firing as well as ready for the heavy lifting process ahead.

Go “Wide & High”

Are you confused how to grow glutes without building massive quads? Many experts believe the “wide & high” exercise is perfect for the purpose. There are many gluten focused activities suggested by trainers such as squats. In such cases taking wide step forward to ensure weight is away from quads can help. Moreover while doing step-ups try to add more elevation to the whole thing. Both of these adjustments helps in adding more focus on glutes in particular. Another interesting thing that can be tried for the purpose is lunging by getting down on a raised platform. This particular process helps in increase the range of motion of glute muscles.

Build Glute Bridge

In the course of building attractive butt, there are some important things to consider. Most individual spends time sitting, it leads to muscle imbalance which can cause injuries during any exercise or process. With time glute muscles may weaken and forces you to rely more on hamstrings and quads for the exercise. The Glute Bridge seems to work amazingly and help in correcting the imbalance. Make sure you sit on the ground with back against the bench, knees bent, and feet are flat in front. Try to squeeze glutes as you raise the pelvis portion high from the level of the floor to create a straight line between hips, shoulders, and knees. Weight plate or barbell can be kept on hips for creating extra resistance.

Try Single-Leg Squats

This particular exercise puts the body in an entirely unbalanced position, individual needs to recruit untapped muscle fibers to maintain the body balance. This challenge helps stubborn glutes to get that perfect shape and size. Single leg squats are often ignored, but it is one of the most efficient and challenging lower body movements that can help you get beautiful butt. Not many will be able to carry out the exercise, but it is quite efficient and helpful for the process.

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