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Top Five Outdoor Proven Ways to Lose Weight | YIX Training

Top Five Outdoor Proven Ways to Lose Weight

Losing weight is like a complex or simple math equation, depending on how you look at it. Starting with the simple equation, all you need to do is expend more energy than what you get from your food. This creates a caloric deficiency in your body that ultimately sees you lose weight. Though this may seem simple enough, it’s actually not that easy to attain this state of caloric deficiency and this is where the complex equation part comes in.

There are so many parameters to losing weight and you have to nail each of them for you to arrive at the desired solution. We are talking about regular physical exercise, healthy and well balanced nutrition, positive mental state, meeting all your obligations such as work or study as expected and so much more. In short, you need to be good in everything you do as this will boost your confidence in performing your exercise excellently and sticking to a new healthy regimen.

Outdoor training is particularly very effective in losing weight and here are the top proven ways that you can use to maximize your weight loss goals.

1. Positive attitude

Contrary to what most people think, dieting or fitness has nothing to do with a strong willpower, rather, it’s all about a positive attitude. This is what will get you out of bed early in the morning so you can hit the road with your running shoes or go for an early morning swim. It’s also what’s going to help you enjoy the steamed and grilled foods that have replaced your previously favorite fried or deep fried options.

Training outdoors helps you build on positive thinking by the mere fact that the surrounding nature offers free and unsolicited therapeutically benefits such as keeping you calm and reducing your stress levels.

2. At least 30 minutes of outdoor exercise

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30 minutes in a day is all the time you need to physically engage your body in a way that yields results. Whether you engage in outdoor body weight exercises or go for a quick run, cycling or any other activity, 30 minutes is what you need to rev up your metabolism and speed up weight loss.

3. Exercise in the morning

Research has shown that morning training is more effective compared to training during the day or in the evening. This can be attributed to your hormonal make up. When you wake up in the morning, your active hormones are at their peak.

4. Enjoy the great outdoors

Enjoying your workout is the key to weight loss as this means you are always going to look forward to your next training session and the outdoors have a lot of fascinating things that will definitely keep you coming back.

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5. Get enough sleep

Aim to sleep for a minimum of 8 hours to allow your body to recover well from your last exercise session. Have you ever noticed you tend to eat more on days you didn’t sleep well? You can avoid this by getting adequate sleep therein reducing your calorie intake.

Don’t approach weight loss as something you need to do for the next three months or so, instead, view it as a lifestyle change that you should stick to forever and you’ll never have to worry about the weight creeping back in.


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