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Understanding Your Muscles and The Best Ways To Build Them | YIX Training

Understanding Your Muscles and The Best Ways To Build Them

Your body is an astounding work of art. Granted, there are times we may not feel so attractive or comfortable in our skin, especially after surpassing your ideal weight, but the elaborate detail that has gone to every single part of your body is, for lack of a better word, genius! When we look at the muscle in particular, it’s so intricate and we are going to look at it in greater detail.

At your local gym, you’ve most likely noticed that some people take years to bulk up while others do so within a couple of months. The reason for this disparity is that we are all built differently from one another and the type of build a person has depends on the type of muscle fibers he has and how he grows them.

The muscle contains three primary fibers:

Type 1 muscle fibers – fast twitch

You probably know of a person who you love to hate but totally want to look like. This person walks into the gym or your outdoor training area with a lean and perfectly toned body and when he does his squats, it’s with great ease that it almost seems unreal.

Such a person has fast twitch muscle fibers that are best suited for anaerobic exercises like strength training. Such people are born weight lifters but would make the worst marathoners.

Type 2 muscle fibers – slow twitch

Do you know of a particular person who has been doing weights for a long time but doesn’t tend to bulk up notwithstanding the fact that he goes for many repetitions without getting super exhausted? Such people have slow twitch muscles that are best suited for aerobic exercises. Such people make the best marathoners but not good weight lifters.

Type 3 muscle fibers – hybrid

This is a combination of type 1 and 2 muscle fibers and are the perfect muscles to have as they are suited for both aerobic and anaerobic exercises meaning they enable you to have both endurance and strength.

 Best way to Build your muscles

yix training 4

1. Progressive routines

Progressive exercises provide the best challenge to your muscles. You start by lifting light weights and then progressively increase them as you continue training. Always ensure theirs is someone on site to help you in case you need help putting the weights down.

2. Compound routines

These strength training exercises involve pushing, pulling, dead lifts and squats. One of the reasons why they are so effective is the fact that they work on different muscle groups at a time thus stimulating more muscle fibers.

3. Aerobic and anaerobic exercise

Combining these two is the best decision you can make as it means you will be horning your hybrid muscles. When doing weights, do the heaviest you can handle for a maximum of 12 reps to build on your muscular strength. For aerobics, do HIIT to build on your muscular endurance.

When performing any of these exercises, it’s advisable you be in the presence of a trained professional to ensure you are using the right form in order to maximize your results and also reduce injury.



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