Ways You Can Beat Stress With Good Nutrition

With changing time there are a whole lot of tension and stress in every individual’s life. Profession and personal life add enough stress these days. However, experts believe the best of nutrition and food item can help you calm nerves and fight the stress in best of ways. Eating right food not only keeps you healthy but at the same time helps you beat stress and tension.

How is food affecting stress?

It can be tempting to try sweet comfort food items during stressful times, eating brownie or chocolate chip cookie can worsen your stress or anxiety problems. According to a study, it was found that sugary foods help blood sugar to spike, damaging the ability of adrenal glands to fight stress or tension. However, some food items can help you suppress nerves and lift your mood. Here are some of the top food items that can naturally calm you down and get back to normalcy:

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are known for its excellent content of complex carbohydrate that comes with high level of essential amino acid named tryptophan which converts into serotonin, the feel-good hormone of the human brain. Sweet potatoes are also known to have high beta-carotene content which helps in boosting immunity system when you are stressed, fibre helps in stabilizing surges caused by acute stress in blood sugar.

Black beans

Black beans are another effective food item that helps in fighting stress. Black beans are packed with useful minerals and magnesium that promotes lower blood pressure and muscle relaxation. Magnesium is known to be natural muscle relaxant as well as a stress buster. Individuals having low magnesium level in the body results in cramps and headaches and worsens already anxious state. Black beans are also rich in protein and fiber which stabilizes blood sugar in the human body.


Asparagus is another food item that helps in fighting stress in the human body. It contains folic acid and high level of B6 which helps in boosting dopamine levels in the human body, an effective substance that acts as relaxant on the human brain. Both of these vitamins are known to boost the immunity system and proper functioning of the nervous system in human body.


Nuts particularly almonds and walnuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that help in decreasing all stress hormones cortisol. This hormone is secreted by the human body when it is under enormous stress. Nuts are also known to be high in Vitamin B content which provides the human body with necessary serotine producing carbohydrates. Nuts are good source of protein which stabilizes the blood sugar level in human body.


Yogurt is rich in magnesium and calcium minerals that effectively helps you to relax muscles as well as lowers blood pressure. Yogurt is also known to have rich content of good bacteria that stabilizes and soothes both nervous and digestive systems.


Oatmeal is packed with B vitamins, magnesium and fibre which will lower the blood pressure level, nourish brain, adrenal glands, and nerves. It is also known to stabilize mood by providing a flow of serotonin.


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