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What is better? Static Stretching Vs Dynamic Stretching | YIX Training

What is better? Static Stretching Vs Dynamic Stretching

Static Stretching Definition:

Static stretching usually refers to a stretch, which holds a challenging, but comfortable position for a specified period from 30 to 40 seconds. Static stretching is the most common form of stretch, and it is the most common fitness procedure, which is safe and flexible for whole body movement and the total system.

Dynamic Stretching Definition:

Dynamic stretching refers to a momentum form of stretching, which provides an effort to motivate muscle into an extended range of muscle movements, providing strength and also not exceeding one’s static-passive power.

The most and important differences between Static stretching and Dynamic Stretching are mentioned below:

  • Dynamic Stretching refers to a particular body movement in a static position. On the other hand Static stretching usually belongs to safe and comfortable static position for a time limit.
  • Dynamic stretching usually accomplishes the purpose of warming up to prepare one’s muscles. Before getting into any workout or sports, our cardiovascular system needs to be prepared for the rhythm of exercise. Thus, dynamic stretching is all required for the body movement preparation. Static stretching is much relaxed and constant form of body movements.
  • Dynamic stretching helps to prepare the mindset before any sports or games. Static stretching warm is much easier and a comfortable way out. Static stretching can always trick your body into a relaxed form and can become difficult for the person transferring into competitive mode.
  • Dynamic stretching helps to improve the motion around the joint area. This helps to reduce the chances of any injury. Dynamic stretching overpowers static stretching, thus dynamic stretching improves one’s body movements and also the flexibility of the joints.
  • Static stretching may decrease the strength for an hour after the stretch. Static stretching may reduce the muscle strength up to 9%, recent research says. Dynamic stretching can be more specific, fruitful and beneficial for whole body movements and the ultimate preparation before any exercises, workouts, game, and sports.
  • Dynamic stretching is usually performed at the begriming of an exercise, while static stretching is done after the exercises.
  • Dynamic stretching movements are the best preparation for an athlete. Static stretching helps to improve body flexibility and to cool down.
  • Dynamic stretching is a form of continuous movements of your body, while you are in static stretching too.
  • Dynamic stretching is usually based on functional movements of your body, while static stretching is more relaxing and comfort provider.
  • Dynamic stretching increases the flexibility of core temperature, the temperature of muscles, helps to stimulate the total nervous system of your body.
  • Dynamic stretching prevents injuries, and it’s the most useful for every athlete to get prepared before they begin their tasks. Static stretching is beneficial too, and it is more useful for cooling down the body and make it more comfortable and relaxed, and also helps to smoothen up every joint, sustaining the flexibility and strength.

Both of these exercises are known to have different health benefits, try it on regular basis to ensure physically fit and active body. Dynamic stretching is far more effective in comparison to Static stretching as its rapid movement help in burning more calories and fat from human body.

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