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What is more effective for fat loss: Timed Sets Vs Rep Based Sets | YIX Training

What is more effective for fat loss: Timed Sets Vs Rep Based Sets

Timed sets and rep based sets, both are recognized as a very important part of physical training exercises.  Many people are eager to go for weight training because it is the best procedure of muscle gaining criteria as well as physical attractiveness. Timed sets are referred to a certain time limit; where rep based sets don’t have these certain limitations. Both have their characteristics as well as differences. Here are some of the important features about Timed Sets and Based Sets:

  • Timed set training is time-based; it is faster and more powerful. Rep based sets are repetition method of exercises with short intervals.
  • Timed set depends on how many times you can repeat the exercises with a time limit.
  • Rep based sets are short for repetitions. It describes the number of times to perform an activity, such as, for an example, you do 12 squats, and then you stop. The squats you perform defined as 12 repetitions
  • Timed sets mainly depend on how many times you can repeat an exercise. Suppose you do 12 squats and take an interval again, you repeat the same.
  • Timed set and rep based set both are the foundation of muscle building exercises.
  • You can probably aim for timed set training, such as 60 seconds at a stretch and give a break, and discontinue even when the times are over.
  • Timed set training is a tempo for a muscle building procedure with quick effect, while rep can be more suitable for you to achieve the same without any extra tension in your body.
  • It’s always good to focus on timed set training, as it opposes just to get through a predetermined rep set training.
  • It’s always advisable to train up with light weights, though the heaviness of the weight would not create tension and stress on your muscles directly. Rep sets can be more fruitful and helpful, though the repetitions can make more soothing on the muscle with less stressful effect on the muscles.
  • A typical rep based set includes 1-2 seconds up and 1 second down. When rep based set is performed, your body doesn’t adapt this, because your brain gets used to it slowly and steadily.
  • Stimulating muscle hypertrophy on a daily basis forces your body to change such kind of training procedure. Increasing the time under tension is the best form of providing the best training. Human muscles grow under muscle tension. Thus, it makes sense to maximize the muscle tension. While exercising, you are always shocking your body with time under tension, so that your body can adapt a bit faster than usual.
  • Rep sets are mainly based on counting the seconds in your mind, where timed set is much more pressure creating and quick training method. Both timed sets and rep sets are excellent weight training methods for your muscle gain and mindset too.

Both Timed and Rep sets are known to have its own benefits and is considered to be good weight training method. But when timed sets and Rep sets are compared it is found that timed sets training is more effective when it comes to weight loss because of his intensity.

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