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What Should I Eat Before Working Out? | YIX Training

What Should I Eat Before Working Out?

“A fit body is the temple of the soul,” this is an absolutely a unique belief. Working out has become a part and parcel of our daily life because keeping a good and sound health is very important for each and everyone. Working out needs a standard long hour, so keeping an empty stomach is not advisable. A combination of carbohydrates and proteins are always recommended, before any working out, like cycling, aerobics, lifting or any other exercises. A stream of energy is always required while performing strenuous workouts. Maximum dietitians recommend the foods which we can eat before working out and those are:


Bananas are very fast acting rich carbohydrates, which provide maximum fuel to the body, gaining the energy.  Bananas supply potassium in your body for building up mussels and also maintain the nerve function, as well.

Egg whites:

Egg yolks are made of fat, so it is not recommended to have a whole egg before a workout. Egg whites can be healthier because it contains 4 GM of protein and no fat. Fat in egg yolks can make your body sluggish and puffed so egg whites can be the perfect option.


Oats can be the best choice for working out because it contains lots of fibers, which helps a firm release of carbohydrates into your bloodstream, and the required energy is supplied while working out.

Whole Grain Toast:

Grains are known for its high fiber content, which helps to provide slow release of carbohydrate and also maintains the energy while working out. Eating brown rice and whole grain toast before working out is very helpful and it is a good energy supplement, as well.


Yogurt is full of protein, and also an energy booster. A cup of yogurt is highly recommended for your empty stomach before you step into work out. Greek Yogurt contains double protein than normal yogurt, and it can be a good option always.


Chickpeas, a very well-known pre-workout food, and it doesn’t need to cook, so you can eat chickpeas before working out. Chickpeas contain 10 grams of natural protein, 30 grams of carbohydrate and 9 gram of fiber. A raw lemon can be squeezed for a better taste with the chickpeas.

Dried fruit:

Dried fruit can be exceptionally a good option before working out. Dried fruits comprised with simple carbohydrate, which can make your body feel light and also provided lots of energy. Dried berries, apricot, pineapples are the best and the most recommended food before working out, so you can shoot for a quarter cup, as well.


Caffeine is proven to help regular drinkers enjoy the whole workout session by generating more energy, slow fatigue and also it’s a well-known fat burner. Couple of espresso can be the best shot before you start your regular workout session. The more energy you get, the more you can work.

So, next time before work-out make sure you consider taking these items on a regular basis; it will help in keeping your body fit.


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