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What to eat when trying to lose fat? | YIX Training

What to eat when trying to lose fat?

With time there are many individuals around the world seen getting conscious about their weight. Most often people are asking what to eat and what not to eat when they are trying to lose fat. Not all food items have the same calorie content and hence it is important to know which food is best for your weight losing purposes. Different foods go through different metabolic processes in human body. Here are some best and most efficient weight loss friendly foods on the planet:

Whole Eggs

There was a time when many feared eggs of high cholesterol content but as per new reports, it is found that whole eggs are useful during weight losing purposes. There is high protein content, and healthy fats with an egg that can make you feel full and more importantly contain fewer amounts of calories.

Leafy Greens

Another important source for weight loss purposes is leafy vegetables that include collards, spinach, kale, swiss chards and much more. All of these green vegetables are known to have weight losing properties and is low in calorie content. Leafy vegetables are all nutritious and provide all important antioxidants and minerals.


Salmon is an effective food item that can help you control body fat and is a must when you have a strict diet. Salmon helps you keep full for a long period, and it comes with few calories. Salmon fish is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids which are known to reduce inflammation, and it plays and important role in treating metabolic diseases as well as obesity.

Lean Beef or Chicken Breast

Very few individuals will understand the fact that chicken breast or lean beef is good for health, and it is one important item that needs to be taken during weight loss.  But make sure you avoid processed meat; it comes with severe health risks. Meat is a weight loss friendly food item which is high in protein content. Eating protein rich food can help you bring around 80 to 100 calories a day.

Boiled Potatoes

Boiled potatoes are known to come with amazing properties that make it best for optimal health as well as for weight losing purposes. There are some diverse ranges of nutrients available with potatoes that make it a good option for weight losing goals.

Tuna Fish

Tuna fish is another weight loss friendly food that is known for high protein content. This specialty of this fish is that it is lean and is not known to contain much fat. Tuna fish is quite popular among fitness models and bodybuilders all because of its low fat and high protein content.

Beans and Legumes

Legume and beans are known to be quite beneficial for weight losing purposes. These food items are known to contain high fiber and protein content. Once you are sure that you have no problem with legumes, add it in your daily diet.


A bowl of vegetable soup a day is ideal for weight loss, it is known to contain low-calorie content and is good enough for the body. Include all vegetables or fruits in it, popular weight loss friendly food.


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