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 When trying to lose fat, Cardio or weight lifting? | YIX Training

 When trying to lose fat, Cardio or weight lifting?

You must be aware, when you start putting on some extra pounds. Getting fat is a very common thing, and losing fat is also a very popular among the people who are very much self conscience. Losing some extra fat is a great thing, because it can prevent you from many severe diseases and also would keep you fit and fine. When you want to join a fat losing program at a gym, you would find different options to lose weight, but it is always advisable to choose the correct training schedule and methods, which would help you to access your goal. Let’s find out which training method would be best for you, cardio or weight training:

The awareness of losing fat, by cardio or Weight Lifting:

  • There is always a raging debate in the fitness world about the resistance training, such as weight lifting is not so effective like cardio, bringing down the fat.
  • Any exercising regime, you want to embark on to shedding down the extra pounds and become lean should have been developed with preserving your muscle mass in your mind.
  • While losing your fat, you should have a clear idea about the pros and cons of the two important training methods. Cardio training has its own pros and cons, and weight lifting too has its own. Let us discuss the pros and cons of these two training methods, so you might get a clear view, and they are:

Cardio: Pros:

  • Cardio training would provide you very high calorie burn during the training session.
  • Cardio training can be low barrier to entry and also can be incorporated with many several activities.
  • Cardio is an excellent low intensity exercise to lose weight, like walking.
  • Cardio would not exhaust you like weight lifting, so you can take a little rest.

Cardio: Cons:

  • Cardio training might lead you to get injured and strains, sometimes, if you intend to choose exercises like running, sprinting.
  • If you are unfit, probably it would be very difficult for you, except very low intensity training.
  • Cardio training alone can’t help you get balanced and good physic.

Weight lifting: Pros:

  • Weight lifting would build your muscle mass quickly.
  • Weight lifting training certainly causes a sustained spike in your metabolic system, which could help you to lose calorie even after the training.
  • If you are unfit, probably it would be the lowest barrier for you to entry.
  • Weight lifting provides to lose weight and also offers to gain muscle, simultaneously.

Weight Lifting: Cons:

  • Weight lifting could be a higher barrier to recovery.
  • Weight lifting provided lower calorie burn rather than cardio training.
  • Weight lifting could increase your appetite, so you need to be very careful regarding your food and calorie intake.

So when you want to lose your extra pounds, Cardio would be more effective, according to the fitness experts. cardio help you burn more calories, but you need to make sure you do the right type of cardio, which is high intensity interval training. walking or jogging won’t be as effective.  And adding  a nutrition plan to your regiment will make you get the best results

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