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Why you should drink a lot of water when doing a fitness program? | YIX Training

Why you should drink a lot of water when doing a fitness program?

Every individual needs to work out regularly to ensure better health. Experts believe alongside workout, sufficient intake of water is quite important, and there are many benefits associated with it. Drinking of water alongside workout can be helpful; don’t hesitate to drink water during any exercise. The most significant thing that needs to be known about water is that it helps in all human cells to function correctly. As human body consists of 70 percent water, continuous drinking of water needs to be done to replace the lost amount while working out. Not many individuals are aware of this fact, but it comes with long drawn health benefits.

Why to Drink Water?

Water, an essential ingredient keeps the human body hydrated all through the workout session, but not many will know how.  Water basically acts as a lubricant for body muscles, vital organs, and joints. Water is something that helps you to get necessary energy during the workout process as it carries glucose and oxygen throughout the body. Human muscles need water for flexibility and strength. Body joints need water to prevent any cases of stiffness, and human brain uses water to send messages as well as for regulating the body temperature.

Possible Signs of Dehydration

Human body realizes or recognizes thirst, but it is only when body lost important fluids. During workout often individuals get dehydrated, the worst thing is that you may not even realize that. Often people think that the exercise was too difficult, or it is because of the hot temperature inside. When human body tends to lose much fluid from the body, it becomes dizzy and tired. In such cases, individuals may feel chills or nauseous. In some severe cases, the heart rate starts increasing; people may lose the ability to become delirious or sweat. In such instances, it is important to seek the help of experts as early as possible.

Never Substitute

No substitute for water is available. There are often cases when individuals are seen drinking sports drink or juice in place of water; unknowingly they are causing harm to the body. Most of these drinks contain an excessive amount of sugar, fats and other ingredients that lead to dehydration. Drinking fruit juice or sport drinks instead of water will increase your thirst. Whenever you are working out, make sure you consume enough water.

How Much Water?

This is a significant concern, and many individuals are seen asking it often. The truth is, the amount of water during and before the workout depends on the person. It is calculated based on his or her weight, type of exercise they are carrying out and also the climate of that place. Make sure you drink a glass full of water every 20 to 30 minutes during work out. Drinking sufficient amount of water is quite necessary to achieve a peak level of performance. So whenever you experience nausea or muscle cramps during the workout have a glass of water. Any individual may know that he or she is hydrated if urine is clear.



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