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Yoga Backpack | Yoga Mat Backpack | yoga mat bag | YIX Training

YIX Bags

Yoga Mat Bag



Easy To Use

It’s never been easier to sling a backpack on your back and get going. The soft, non-sweat material means a comfortable companion, always

Long Lasting

Strong, durable material means a bag that will last you a lifetime. No worries about tearing or wearing once you have your Yoga YIX Bag.


It’s lightweight, durable and waterproof. From simple day trips to sporting excursions, you can use YIX Bag for pretty much any activity.

Packing Heaven

The deep main cavity means you can store wide as well as long items whereas there are plenty of pockets to store many more items.

Clean Easy

A quick wipe with a damp cloth will see your backpack back to its original state, shiny, durable and ready to cater to your every need.

Price Perfect

Don’t pull out the big checkbook just yet! Priced just right and with you for life, you won’t regret the investment you will make in the YIX Bag.

Pockets Galore

Place for everything so that everything has a place. Like it organized, well the Yoga YIX Bag is full of surprising storage spots.

Pack Away

Don’t worry too much about finding a space to store your bag. With Yoga Backpack, you simply fold it up and wedge it in the smallest space.





I live in a rainy town and often need to walk to work, so it’s great that material is waterproof. I get wet but my stuff doesn’t! Love the color options too – so funky!  Just love my YIX Backpack! I’m thinking of buying another for hubby as now his stuff is taking over!


” My son chose the blue Yoga Backpack in seconds when I showed it to him. His school only allows blue backpacks and this one fits perfectly. Not only can he easily carry it on his back, but he can fit all his sports gear and clothes neatly inside. Happy Mom! 


” I love my Yoga YIX Backpack! I chose the black color and use it daily. With all those pockets I have space for tons of goodies and believe me, I carry a lot of stuff all the time! It is super comfortable even with all my junk packed in.


” I have been looking for a backpack that catered to my yoga lifestyle and when I found the YIX bag, I was in seventh heaven. With space to store my yoga mat, towel, water bottle and all my bits and pieces, I never have to carry another bag with me. 

Whether it be a casual walk to the park or shop, a hot and sweaty hike or even a day trip exploring all a town has to offer, the YIX Bag should be on your back. With multiple storage pockets for perfect organization and a deep cavity that holds more than you can. know, the Yoga Backpack will be your forever travel friend. Waterproof material will cover you in the toughest of weather and with the durable zipper system; you can be assured of a pack that will last you a very long time.

If you’ve been looking for a stunning backpack that is precision designed and will see you through many years, the YIX Yoga Backpack is what you need. With all weather material, comfy straps and offering a spacious interior with tons of pockets to keep all your gear organized, the YIX pack covers it 100%. So when you’re headed out the door know that this pack will be the first you will grab with confidence.

The top loading facility of the Yoga Backpack allows for easy access for packing and unpacking, a variety of zippered pockets provides many ways to store your belongings, from cell phone, water bottle and various gears, the YIX bag has padded internal sections for protection of a laptop or any other breakable goods you may be carrying,  In addition, the padded, adjustable straps make for a comfortable trip, With water resistant material you are assured of protecting your contents from the elements. Comfortable adjustable straps, many organized pockets and modern, funky designs, we have it all right here!


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